Opinion Leonora Dacar

November 16, 2022

This summer, the eldest daughter brought a lovely Newfundland puppy to the house. Immeasurable happiness. But since our arrival at our home, our puppy was very slow, lazy, he couldn’t get up, he only went to the walk with treats, and only to the creek…

Before therapy
After therapy with Proartleg maxy, Proartleg junior and Multiadapt

Everyone told us it was because the dog had a lot of fur and he was immensely hot and that it is completely other than a Great Dane (we had this breed before) and we believed it. However, as it got less hot and our Baku could be lively, he started limping first to the last and then to the first foot. During this time we visited the vet several times, who told us that everything was due to rapid growth and that we should keep an eye on our diet and he gave us vitamins. And here was the first problem… everyone was defending his own, one dry food, the other meat, the third combination of everything .. we were completely confused and the situation was not improving.

So we went to a dog orthopedist and got shocked. Baku had skeletal inflammation – panosteitis (rapid growth) and hip dysplasia .. Shock .. The vet recommended surgery. But our thoughts were running here and there .. will the dog be ok then, what kind of surgery, what are the options, how long will he “endure”… all we wanted was to have a family member who would make us and the children in kindergarten a pleasure and will be our companion. And in all the confusion, I asked for the help of Mrs. Ksenia, who we had contacted over the year. Mrs. Ksenija had already recommended the supplements to us when we bought the puppy, but we thought our dog didn’t need them (an endless mistake). We sent her X-ray pictures and pictures of our Baku’s limping. She consulted with her husband (a veterinarian) and with her team and recommended what supplements and how to apply to our puppy. So we started adding him ProArtLeg maxy, ProArtLeg junior and MultiAdapt.

Our Baku stopped limping after a good week. Amazing! Happy to heaven and back! And it wasn’t over here. Our Baku, who could not stand up, play, is a completely different puppy. He is full of energy, always ready for play, active, playful … in one word a healthy dog. We contact Ms. Ksenia weekly as I send her videos of walking, getting up, playing … His walking, running is relaxed, coordinated and no more robotic than it used to be. Now we only give him ProArtLeg Maxy and we will give it until he will be one year old , and then only occasionally. In addition to all the tips on supplements, Ms. Ksenija took the time to discuss the problem on a number of occasions, as well as giving us a lot of advice on nutrition, choice of croquettes and snacks, all of which act as an unimaginable whole, rescued our Baku from surgery and gave him a full active life. When we were in contact for the first time, I said in a hat that I would be happy to come to Milan for coffee, if Baku is ok. And I have yet to fulfill this part of the agreement. I will never be able to thank enough in my name and the name of the whole family, and of all the children in kindergarten, to whom Baku is a real friend, to thank enough for all that you have done for us. Therefore, I ask all of you who will read this record to share it in as many numbers as possible so that the owners will also have the opportunity to know that we have an excellent online store in Slovenia with really high quality products and a team, it is not only professional but also reasonable and oriented towards finding the best solution for all. As I said before, Mrs. Ksenija advised me what to add at the time of purchase of a puppy and we did not decide on this and when I asked her for help, she could easily tell me, as I already told you in the beginning. NO! No, she took the time to find a solution, she still helps us and selflessly shares her knowledge and experience in wanting to help each animal live a life worth living. A heartfelt thank you to everyone! DOGOTEKA; YOU ARE THE LAW!

Thank you DOGOTEKA and Mrs. Ksenija Oseli Donati, Ziva Oseli Šušterčič and Mr. Patrizio Donati.

Leonora Dacar, Slovenia

Note of Dogoteka: Mrs. Dacar is owner of private kindergarten where Baku stays with children every day

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